Saturday, August 13, 2011

Minus the Peanuts and Crackerjacks

A friend from JJ's work was kind enough to give us his season tickets to the Tuesday Diamondbacks game while he was out of town--which included free tickets for the whole family. Pathetically enough, this was our first all family attendance to a professional sporting event. Though I liked the idea of going out together- especially for free, I was not super excited to see Baseball. When I was 18, a VERY long and VERY uneventful Padres game left a bad taste in my mouth for the all American sport ever since. It also didn't help that the sum total sports viewing in our family stretches barely beyond an annual Superbowl and Biannual 14 day Olympic binge. A binge which leaves us,as most binges do, in a state of depression as we realize how much we are not living up to our potential. Furthermore, even those have been missing in our life ever since television went digital.

It's not that we don't like sports, we do. There are multiple factors which contribute to this minimalistic approach including: a preference for playing over passive viewing, lack of cable, and sports simply falling too low on our list of favored brain rotting activities. With this in mind, imagine my surprise as I found myself depressed when the Diamondbacks were losing, cheering at their awesome comeback, upset at bad calls and mumbling pep talk comments to myself and JJ. It actually turned out to be quite an exciting game up to the last play. Even the kids stayed attentive throughout the near 3 hours with Jordan calling “ that's a foul ” each time they hit it out. Isabel who'd had reservations about going to the game on a school night (where did this responsible kid come from?) repeatedly said what a good time she was having. She even promised she would try and not freak out when she saw the clock at home. Laney had actually been the only truly optimistic one and left without disappointment. I too left extremely satisfied with our great family memory despite my initial scroogish sentiments and realized even baseball deserves a second chance. I still wouldn't pay for it though. 
Maybe I still am a scrooge.

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  1. I consider my Olympics-binge more than adequate in making up for the fact that sports are NEVER on in our home any other time of the year. (Plus the last Winter Olympics got me through a horrible bout of mastitis, so they will always have a special place in my heart.)